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Wireless iPhone Setups, iPhones, PC's and Laptops. Computer monitors in Taupo

Wireless Networking Gear supplied and installed. Wireless mobile Panasonic Toughbook, Twinhead Durabook and Toshiba, HP and Lenovo Computers sold and serviced.

PCI-E Gigabit WiFi Cards Taupo

Gigabit WiFi available now.

TP-Link AC1750 Gigabit Home or Business WiFi, as a separate Router or a PCI-E Card to match it. Three times faster than the previous WiFi! Only costs aprox. the same price. Only costs about the same price.

Important Tips for New Mobile people:

When you get your Pre-Paid T-stick, or vodem as they are also called, don't plug it in and browse merrily for an hour.
Instead, leave it in its box until you've made some important changes to your PC or iMac:

1)Turn off all Automatic Software Updates. Windows, OSX, Antivirus, Java, Adobe, Windows Office. Get iTunes not to open at Startup.

If this is too hard give us a ring and we'll do it fairly quickly for you.
The reason for these changes is that those updates, which happen all the time that you are Online, will instantly gobble up all your expensive Data Credits. For example, a Windows Update could be 500 Mb, which is over $50 on some Mobile Plans.
Antivirus Updates, which can happen hourly, can be 100Mb each.

2) Connect through cable or free wifi and leave the Laptop connected while you manually do those updates, and let them finish, restarting if necessary. The Antivirus update will need to be done like this every day if possible, to provide any real protection.

3) Use the Laptop for T-Stick browsing and email and so on, checking you usage regularly through your Telco's website or program.

4) Beware large email attachments which can try to download over and over again, they can fail to complete and keep attempting every time you connect. Check your online Mailbox regularly for these kind of things.
Checking the online mailbox doesn't cost any Data, and you can delete any big emails with attachments there.

5) Beware programs like Picassa, which like to combine all your pictures into Cloud Based sites. They will upload your photos without you knowing it, to your own web-storage site.
Google Earth is another one to watch out for: Don't even think about running it, nor Youtube or any video playing sites.

6) Beware any message on screen that says "Do you want the latest version of X?" or "An update of this program is available...".
Never say yes to these, unless you are on WiFi or cable. Then make absolutely sure that the update has finished before you disconnect.
If you read a newspaper and click on an article which starts to play a video, go back to the previous page. Video eats up your Data very quickly.

7) Music. Don't even think about it. Playing a CD is fine, but if you open iTunes, Spotify or any other web-based music program then prepare for big Data Bills.

8) You are probably getting the idea by now, that Mobile Internet is expensive and complicated. It is. You have to husbandprotect your Data like a jealous maniac. Any slipcarefully or it will disappear in the blink of an eye. A single app can cost you your whole month's allowance.

9) Don't, under any circumstances, get an on-account T-Stick or Vodem: You might be worth billions, but presumably you got that way by looking after your money. A single month's Mobile Data Bill can exceed $10,000 quite easily if you are overseas, although it's more difficult here in NZ.

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