Computer Servicing Taupo

Computer Troubleshooting and IT Service & Sales

Apps that take ages to open?

Files that never seem to finish downloading?

Network Drives that go missing?

PCs that take half an hour to Login?

Internet that's always slow?

Servers that always crash?

Files that always go missing?

Let Taupo Computer Services spend a little time assessing your Network and propose a solution. Often all that's needed is a bit of judicious tweaking, a switch replaced here, a better cable there. We have a lot of experience in Enterprise, Small Business and Home Networks. It might be the best $100 you ever spent.

Cat 5 Setups, Servers, Blackberries, PC's and Laptops. Computer monitors in Taupo

Networking Gear supplied and installed. Troubleshooting Taupo Printers, Subnets and IP issues looked into and sorted out.

Rugged Tablet Computers taupo Off-site or On-Site Computer Backups arranged, setup and monitored.

Fast Computers taupo

Specials on iPhone and Galaxy Accessories in NZ