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Rugged Mobiles by Sonim of the USA.

Sonim XP3300 Tough Phone $300 inc GST

NOTICE: Sonim no longer offer warranty support in NZ, as of early 2015. Consequently we are selling Sonim phones on an as-is basis now.
However, at $300 each that's still pretty good.

The Sonim XP3300 with enormous battery capacity, virtually unbreakable Gorilla glass screen,
fibreglass chassis, fully waterproof design and incredibly loud ring-tone capability, is a must for the outdoor type Kiwi.

Ideal for those who don't want a phone, don't need a phone, hate phones: but who have to have one anyway.
With a tough waterproof keypad that will withstand solvents and physical trauma, and which is big enough for a bloke to actually use, you can't go wrong.

NEWS: XP3300 Out of stock just now, more on order, expected in by November 20th 2015.


The later Versions are available as parallel imports now too.
IP68 Sonim XP6/xp6700 can be ordered for a pre-paid $1000, with a delivery payment of $500.
Unfortunately no local warranty on those either....

And the Sonim XP7 FDD-LET 4G ,TOUCH-SCREEN!, will set you back about $2,000, with a prepaid $1,500, with the same conditions applying.

*Can the later ones do the XT network of Spark?
The Sonim XP7 FDD-LET 4G can do 850Mhz all the way up to 2100Mhz, so it ought to be able to work on the XT network. When we get one in we'll post the info.  Sonim Sales in Taupo NZ

 Sonim Sales in Taupo NZ

ECOM E-Handy 8* Intrinsically Safe Tough Phone

XT Capable, Zone 1 Rated. $2,400 NZ
* ECOM are making the Sonim range of Intrinsically Safe Hardware.

The Sonim XP5560 Bolt 2 IS is not available in Australasia, but the E-Handy 8 is the equivalent made by the same people.

 Sonim Sales in Taupo NZ
The Sonim Phone is truly waterproof: you can submerge it in water without any problem at all. The glass is a branded glass called Gorilla Glass which is almost indestructable.
Not being a fliptop means you can't snap it in half. The Body is made of Fibreglass, with thick Rubber Grommets securing the edges. It has a very powerful LED inspection light that engineers and mechanics find indispensible, and a good Camera. The Sonim possesses a very loud Ring Volume that can be heard over machinery noise.
Ring 07 378 4681 or 021 841 923.

They do WWW and some can synch Office Apps too.
Intrinsically Safe Spec for those tricky environments.

Quad-Band and Tri Band options.
Sonims can be purchased from us to operate on
2 Degrees
Vodafone (3G GSM) or
Telstra Clear Networks.

Testimony by Truck Mechanic, Keith

"I had one that was run over by a loaded Logging Truck and Trailer, and it still went! Didn't even break the glass, even though it was on ashphalt. A couple of days later the keybord deveoped a fault, but it was replaced under warranty."

 Sonim Sentinel Sales in Taupo NZ
Some Sonims have a "Man Down" GPS function, with coloured emergency buttons to press, however this isn't currently supported by NZ ISP's. Intrinsically Safe Models are Rated for extremely hazardous places like Oil Rigs and Gas Drilling Platforms.

Sonim Mobiles have

Email Synch Features
GPS Functions
WWW Access
2 Degrees Sonim Sales in Taupo NZ Alarms & Contacts
2.0 Megapixel Camera
FM Radio
Voice Recorder
USB Connector for Storage
File Manager
Unit Converter
800 Hour Standby Battery Capacity
USB Charging

Data Sheets



Sonim Mobiles come with a full Range of Optional Accessories Like Belt-Holders, Chargers and Spare Batteries.
If you're into the latest fashion item, Sonims probably aren't for you. On the other hand, if you are into super-tough, mission-critical, must-work equipment, then Sonims are what you want.

Several of our customers are Agri Tractor Mechanics: They find that the only Mobile which lasts more than a couple of days is the Sonim: what's more, the other Tough Mobiles on the market are parallel imports that have no Warranty Service and their Ring Volume is too low to be heard over the Tractor engine noise.
The Sonim is simply the toughest phone there is.
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