Computer Servicing Taupo

Server Computer and IT Service & Sales

New Servers supplied, old ones Serviced. Professional Data Recovery Service for Crashed Disks, at reasonable prices. Computer Hard Disks in Taupo

Staff have Bachelor of Computing Systems Degrees from Unitec.

Intel Xeon Sales Taupo

SAS, SATA, SSD disks supplied and fitted. Tape Drives supplied and fitted.

Business and Home Server Computers taupo HP Servers supplied and installed.
Antivirus installed and configured on Server Computers. Intel XEON Based Servers built to spec for high performance at low cost. Shadowprotect Backup systems for cost-effective Nightly Backups with 100% reliability on restore.

Virtual Servers

Crashed Virtual Servers Restored. Virtualisation projects undertaken and implemented.*

Business and Home servers supplied and installed. Network Attached Storage, DHCP setup, File Servers, Database Servers, Web Servers setup and administered.


"At last I feel as if I'm talking to someone who knows what they are doing..."

Taupo Light Engineering Firm Company Director, following a MYOB Server Install in 2013.

Do I need a Server?

That's a very good question. There is a lot of talk about the Cloud at the moment, about Online Apps like Office 365, about Exchange Email Online, about Xero (Online). These are all great things to have, if you don't need to have a server at all.

On the other hand, if for some reason you must have a server (to run some particular program), those cloud things merely become extra costs: to be Cost-Effective the Cloud needs to replace the Local Server completely .

*Virtualisation: This is a technique used to add extra servers to your organisation without actually buying any hardware. The servers are installed into a program on your existing real server(or a new one) and you access them normally after that.

Why Virtualise? Good question. If you have to have an extra server for some special database or program, Virtualisation saves you about $10,000.

Pitfalls? Yes. You have to be very careful to have good UPS (power protection) units, that will shut down the real server properly in the event of a power cut. Otherwise you will find that your Virtual Server is virtually ruined, with all your virtual data.
We can recover it for you, but it's not cheap and it can take several days.
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