Computer Servicing Taupo

Rugged Tablet Computer and IT Service & Sales

Tough Tablets and Medical Spec Laptops and Tablet Computers.

The Panasonic Tough Tablet, retailing at around $2,000.
A superb item of great value for all outdoor computing needs, with many IO ports built in and a stylus supplied.

Twinhead Durabook Military and Medical Spec Computers for Business, NGO and Government use. Durabook Sales Taupo Panasonic Toughbook, Twinhead Durabook and Toshiba, HP and Lenovo Computers sold and serviced.

Rugged Tablet Computers taupo Outdoor Tablet Computers for Dentists, Medical Pros, Doctors, Vets and Geothermal Engineers, Geologists, Planners, Architects and Scientists. Water-Resistant Shock-Proof Laptops and Tablets, equipped with Cellphone Network Access to the Internet.

High-End PC's built to order by qualified staff with over 30 years hardware experience.


"Our Engineers use Durabooks every day, and they are very happy with them.." Local Environmental Agency IT Head. Heavy Duty Outdoor Computing in Taupo

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