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iPhone and Galaxy / Android Helpful Hints and Tips

Here you'll find very basic information like "What is a SimCard" and "Where are my contacts now?"


These are in every working Mobile Phone today.
If it is a Mobile Phone, it has a SimCard Slot.
SimCard Taupo NZ Your Mobile Phone will not make calls without the SimCard inserted.

What's on my simCard?

Good question.
At least some of your Contacts are on your SimCard.
Your Phone number is on your SimCard.
No photographs are on your SimCard.
No Credit Card Details are there.
Your Mobile Phone Account is on the SimCard

What is PrePaid?

Prepaid is when you buy a SimCard for your Phone and you pay for Calling-Credit at the same time. You Pay Before You Call.
When your Credit runs out, you can only make emergency calls and receive calls.

Can I take my Phone Number to a different Phone Company?

By Act of Parliament, yes.

Can My iPhone SimCard go in My Galaxy?

Yes and No.
If it will fit, then it will go in and work.
SimCard Caddie Taupo NZ All SimCards in NZ should work in every NZ Mobile Phone, providing they fit the slot.
See next question below.

Why Does My Son's SimCard Seem So Much Bigger Than Mine?

It is bigger.
SimCards come in varying sizes, but the smaller are a subset of the larger: IE the smaller ones can fit into an adaptor card, to make them fit larger Mobile Phone Slots.
Your ISP can give you a different sized SimCard for any phone you have.

Where Are My Contacts?

In all Mobile Phones, Contacts can be stored on the SimCard, on the Phone itself, or on both. Where yours are is up to you to find out.
iPhones store Contacts on the Phone only, but can import them from the SimCard.

Do I Need Data?

Data means being able to look at Web Pages, or get / send email, when you are not at home. If you want to use the Internet or Email when you are out and about, you'll need Data.

What is Data?

Data is a Service offered by your Mobile Phone Company.
Data needs to be turned "On" on your Mobile Phone too, before you can use it.
Data comes in quantities called Megabytes and GB's.
Data is only available when your Mobile Phone is on the Network. (Can make calls)

Do I Have to Be Smart to Use a SmartPhone?

Anybody can use one. They are very easy to use.

Should I Let My Grand-Kids Play With My SmartPhone?

Would you let them play with your Credit Card?

What is a MicroSD Card?

A MicroSD Card is used by some Mobile Phones to store your Pictures, Videos and Documents on. Apple Mobile Phones don't use them. Galaxies do.
MicroSD Card Taupo NZ Some PC's have a slot that you can put the MicroSD card into, and then the Photos and other things on it appear in a folder in Windows.


What is Android?

There are 3 Parallel Universes that Mobile Phones can be of.
The Universes are:
and Windows
A Mobile Phone can only be of one Universe, but it can call the others.

Will My Telecom SimCard Work with Vodafone?

A SimCard only works for the Mobile Phone Company that issued it.

What is Gingerbread and Cookies and Cream?

They are cool names dreamed up by Android to make children want Android phones. The edition of Android software on Android Mobile Phones has a name, and that name might be Gingerbread, or Ice Cream Sandwich, or whatever.

(Android computer language is a version of Linux, which is a sort of UNIX, which was invented by the Americans many years ago. Android was written by Google who are one of the biggest companies in the world. Linux / Android must always be free, which is why Android Mobile Phones are cheaper than Apple ones. Google has also underwritten the cost of developing Android language too, and given it away to everyone)


Do I need an Apple ID to use my iPhone?

You can choose to "Skip This Step" by finding the tiny icon that allows you to skip.

Can I download Apple Apps onto my PC / Mobile Phone without an Apple ID?

Yes you can.
Try googling it and some Bloggs will show you: it's not criminal.

Are Samsung Galaxies Better Than iPhones?

Parallel Universes, not Hierarchical Universes.
Galaxies are way more expensive to fix.


Isn't it curious that the man who invented the telephone was called Mr Bell? And that Ronald Reagan (pronounced Ray-Gun) developed the Star Wars Defence Program? And that Madame Curie invented the X-Ray machine to cure people?

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