iPhone Synching Taupo

iPhone Repair Service: 8-4.30pm 021 841 923 Taupo Mon-Fri

We have an iPhone / Smartphone / iPod Repair Service that operates on a price-estimate basis. You will know the price of the work prior to the job being done in nearly all cases. We can normally replace iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 Screens in the same day, as of early September 2013. Batteries, Home Buttons, Ear Piece and Loudspeakers also Replaced on-site.


iPod Touch, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5

Batteries, Home Buttons, Speakers, Ear-Piece Speakers, Screens, On-Off Buttons, Charging Dock Connectors and Logic Boards
Cost: Batteries, Main speakers or Docking Units are cheaper than $100, fitted.
Home Buttons, Ear Piece Speakers, Logic Boards or Screens are more expensive than $100 fitted.
Water Damage can be hard to assess. It can affect Batteries, Docking Units, Screens and Logic Boards.

Get your iPhone Synching its emails with your Exchange Server. iPhone Repairs Taupo

iPhone Setups.

Why spend two weeks trying to get it working? Call the experts and do it in a jiffy.
Hint: Make sure your iPhone is working first. If you can't make a call on it, it won't synch either.
If you can't call on it, maybe the SimCard is no good: Ring your ISP.

Taupo Computer Services is handy to Turangi, Ohakune, National Park, Wongamomona, Raehiti, Waiourou, Tokaanu and Reporoa.

Hints about damage

If you drop it in Lake Taupo: power it off and bring it in to us ASAP.
We'll take it apart and dry it out thoroughly and it has a good chance of working.

If you drop it in a cup of coffee, it's probably history. Beer: Ditto.

If you drop it in water: don't just wait and see, it will not help. Do as for Lake Taupo.

If you are a farmer and you drop it in a puddle of .... a puddle of something unpleasant:
power it off, rinse it off in water and bring it in. We will dry it out and do what we can.

If you drop it onto the Volcanic Rocks at the Top of the Bruce and smash the screen:
Bring it in and we'll change the screen for you. Ring before and we'll order the right type and colour.

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