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Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming G1 ATX Z170 available, with its mind-boggling extras and standard features. Serious Gamers only, need apply.

No Compromise GAME Systems Supplied and Built to your spec. Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty rigs built. Gigabyte Gaming Mobo in Taupo Intel Skylake CPU Taupo

How much?

We can do the Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming G1 ATX Z170 mobo, with the Intel Skylake Core i7 6700K 4.0Ghz 8MB LGA 1151, and a Terabyte of SSD, with Windows 10, for about $3,500 including GST. Screens, Mouse and Peripherals extra.

Multiple Large-Screens? Home Theatre-Type Sound? Water Cooling? Heaps of LED Lighting? Illuminated Fans? Unbelievable Graphics? Mind-blowing Case with Clear Window? Super Quiet? 14NM Die? 4 Core, Eight thread ? SSD's? Blue Ray?

All that will set you back about 10 Grand, but we can bring it down to about 3 and a half Grand by choosing lesser, but still amazing, options. 6 GHz Video Card Taupo


The recent miniaturization work done by Intel on their i5 and i7 series, called Haswell and Skylake has brought some genuine performance gains.
Specifically, the smaller size of the CPU transistors, or MosFet*, means that they need less power to work, leading to less heat generated by the CPU. In this way they get a Quad-Core, 8 Thread i7 running at 4 odd Gigs that only uses 45 Watts of power. The previous build, called Ivybridge or Sandybridge, cooked at something like 400 Watts when maxed out.

The actual spec of it all is called NM, or nanometers**, and refers to the smallest area of Silicon CPU block that Intel can photograph and develop their design onto.
So you have a CPU that has the spec 32NM, typically an AMD FX 6500 say, and a Haswell i7 with the spec 14NM.
That 14NM means a great deal in terms of raging Game performance, due to the reduced heat generated at absolute peak output, which is where it matters.

22 is about 30% of 32, so the 14NM HSkylake only needs about 30% of the power to run, meaning for Gamers there is 70% less heat to worry about. the heat causes the CPU / GPU / Mobo to run slowly at maximum game settings.

Most performance PC builds are limited only by the heat inside the CPU, which causes the CPU to either run slowly or to self-destruct. Unfortunately, to get the Haswell, you need a Z87 Motherboard, and probably a Haswell-Ready Power Supply too. Intels' Z87 Chipset takes the Haswell.

Fortunately both are just a phone call away, here at Taupo Computer Services. There again the recent Skylake Intel CPU family is grown and etched at an incredible 14 NM, leading to performance like you only find in Star Trek or Star Wars. For example you will definitely make the Kessel Run in under 12 Parsecs.

* MosFet. This is a technology that first appeared in Television Sets back in the 1980's, and stands for Metal Oxide Field Effect Transistor. These are switching transistors that hardly use any current and hardly use any voltage either. Field Effect means that the electrons don't actually go through the switch channel, but instead their Magnetic Field causes the Transistor to switch on or off. They were a great breakthrough and form the basis of all high performance, low power CPU's.

**Nanometers. These are a measurement unit equivalent to 0.000000001 of a Square Metre. There are metres, millimetres, micrometres and nanometres, then picometers with 12 zeros in front.


Extra details about the components needed for Gaming include: Power needs for big Graphics Cards. These puppies have a thirst for electricity that is hard to satisfy. For the Titan 6GBDDR5 6Ghz Behemoth, that means you'll need a PSU that has an additional 6+8 Pin Power Plug free. True, you can get adaptors to convert other plug types to 6+8, but you'll need 300W to be available, and frankly it won't be. The real solution is a 1000W Fully Modular PSU, which is only a phone call away at Taupo computer Services. 1000w PSU Game Computers taupo

Again, another detail is the sheer size of your Video Cards and CPU Coolers. The aforementioned GeForce Behemoth 6GDDR5 is over 10" long and 4.5" high, meaning you'll need an absolute brute of a Case: something like, say, the CoolerMaster StormTrooper. StormTrooper Game Computers taupo

While we are on the StormTrooper Case, it's also de riguer for putting your Gigabyte Sniper G1 Mark 5 Motherboard in, seeing as it's one of the few Cases to take the XL-ATX Mobo models. The Sniper G1 5, incidentally, is the board you might choose to go with your Haswell i7, because it sports the Z87 Intel Chipset and a mind-boggling number of powerful features including onboard WiFi and Bluetooth.

But back to the details of Game PC's.
Other questions revolve around cooling the various parts of your Rig: the SSD's, the Graphics Unit, the Chipset and CPU Power Supply, not to mention the precious RAM. Cooling starts with Case Size: think Big. Then it moves to Air Flow through the Case, meaning suck it in the front / bottom, and blow it out the sides and back.
Coupled with Air Flow is the thorny question of Dust, which in Taupo is a real problem, so you'll need Filters on the Air Vents, Filters that can be easily removed and washed every month.
Next, Air Flow demands that your Case be beautifully organised, with Cables and Water Pipes neatly tucked out of the way, so the Air can circulate freely.
Game Computers taupo Think Porting and Polishing a Twin-Cam Toyota 6 Cylinder Turbo: it's the same principle, get that Air moving.

Do you need Water Cooling? If you're going to get it, you'll want it to be Custom rather than a Pre-Built Kit. Pre Built Kits seem to be only as effective as well setup Pro Type Air Coolers, so you can waste your money easily there.
Custom Water Cooling is way more expensive though, but this is a Performance Rig we're talking about. The Gigabyte Sniper G1 Mark 5 motherboard has a built in Water cooling Jacket and Hose connections on it for the CPU Power supply (also called a VRM, or Voltage Regulator Module), so that makes it a bit simpler.


High-End PC's built to order by qualified staff with over 30 years hardware experience. Let us build you a PC with the colour of your choice, with exactly the options you want, ready to go when you switch it on. Super-Quiet Fans and Cases, Air Filters, Solid State Disks,Game Computers taupo

3-D Graphics, Motherboard and CPU of your choice. Clear Case Window, Water Cooling, LED's to give that Wow effect.

Flexible Waterproof Keyboards for those Restaurant jobs, shock proof cases for those hard jobs.
LEDs inside the case for that Star Wars effect. Green, Blue, Red.
External Water Cooling Units with Luminous Blue Water flowing through transparent tubes: is it too cool?

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