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Samsung LCD Screen Repair Service: 8-4.30pm 0378 4681 Taupo Mon-Fri

Galaxy's Fixed! Business and Personal Data treated with the utmost confidentiality.

1 Miro St, corner of Crown Rd. Upstairs in the PSL Agri building with the Yellow and Blue signs outside.

We have a Smartphone / Tablet Repair Service that operates on a price-estimate basis. You will know the price of the work prior to the job being done in nearly all cases. We can normally replace Galaxy 3, 4 and 5 Screens or Batteries on the same day.

Galaxy Repair shop Taupo NZ Galaxy LCD Screens carried in stock.

Latest News:

More Samsung Galaxy Tough and Waterproof Cases coming soon: A selection of different types, colours and features. Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 LCD's in stock

i9300, i9305, i9500, i9505, i9506 and SM900

Batteries for most popular Galaxies in stock, along with wall chargers for charging just batteries.

Protector Cases

Pick up a Galaxy Case while you are here, to make sure you don't have any more repairs. Waterproof, Shockproof and Toddler-proof.


Samsung Galaxy and Note

Batteries, Home Buttons, Speakers, Ear-Piece Speakers, Screens, On-Off Buttons, Charging Dock Connectors and Logic Boards
Cost: Batteries are less than $50 fitted
Main speakers or Docking Units are cheaper than $100, fitted.
Home Buttons, Ear Piece Speakers, Logic Boards or Screens are more expensive than $100 fitted.
Water Damage can be hard to assess. It can affect Batteries, Docking Units, Screens and Logic Boards.

Taupo Computer Services is handy to Turangi, Tokaanu, Ohakune, National Park, Wongamomona, Raehiti, Waiourou, Tokaanu and Reporoa.

Hints about Damage

If you drop it in Lake Taupo: power it off and bring it in to us ASAP.
We'll take it apart and dry it out thoroughly and it has a good chance of working.

If you drop your Galaxy in a cup of coffee, it's probably history. Beer: Ditto.

If you drop your Galaxy in water: don't just wait and see, it will not help. Do as for Lake Taupo.

If you are a farmer and you drop your Galaxy in a puddle of .... a puddle of something unpleasant:
power it off, rinse it off in water and bring it in. We will dry it out and do what we can.

If you drop your Galaxy onto the Volcanic Rocks at the Top of the Bruce and smash the screen:
Bring it in and we'll change the screen for you. Ring before and we will order the right type and colour.

If you have put your Galaxy in the washing machine for twenty minutes, bring it in for a cleanup of the Logic Board and it could be OK.

50,000K Service?

There again, maybe you just want your Galaxy freshened up a bit: those coffee grounds that got into the speaker last year block the music, and maybe the gunk that makes the Home Button stick needs to go away too. Perhaps the battery life is only a couple of hours? Could be that the Charging Dock only works if you hold it a certain way?
We can sort most of those issues out in a single visit, either by cleaning or by replacing parts. That kind of things takes about an hour, which equates to about $100 of labour and maybe the odd part.


Do we have training? Do we have experience? Our Senior Tech has over 30 years experience repairing electronic things. He started in manufacturing, making power adaptors, before graduating from ATi and beginning TV servicing with Tisco. Then he went to the UK where he worked at Dolby Labs in London for 4 years as Senior Shift Engineer, producing the legendary Dolby Spectral Recording Cards, mainly working on Production Engineering problems at Component Level.

After a spell in Latin America he began electronics again at Next in Rotorua before going into Computing, majoring in Hardware and Database, getting a computing degree from Unitech and then adding Samsung Galaxy Smart-Phone servicing to his portfolio.

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