Computer Servicing Taupo

iPhone and Galaxy Repairs, Computer and IT Service & Sales

Laptop Computer Adaptors in Taupo

Same-Day iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Screen Repair Service. Most other Smartphone parts repaired too, including Batteries and Earpiece Speakers. <

Laptop Adaptors Stocked. Monitors, Keyboards and Networking Gear supplied and installed. Apple Adaptor Sales Taupo Panasonic Toughbook and Toshiba, HP and Lenovo Computers sold and serviced.

Data Recovery Service for Damaged Disks: Cost effective, quote first service for recovering your Data. Off-site or On-Site Computer Backups arranged, setup and monitored.

IT for the Elderly and the House-bound.
Outdoor Computers for Geothermal Engineers, Geologists, Planners, Architects and Scientists. Water-Resistant Shock-Proof Laptops and Tablets, equipped with Cellphone Network Access to the Internet.

High-End PC's built to order by qualified staff with over 30 years hardware experience. Let us build you a PC with the colour of your choice, with exactly the options you want, ready to go when you switch it on. Super-Quiet Fans and Cases, Air Filters, Solid State Disks, Fast Computers taupo 3-D Graphics, Motherboard and CPU of your choice. Clear Case Window, Water Cooling, LED's to give that Wow effect.

Too Hard Basket?

Maybe the whole IT thing is killing you, but you just have to have a PC for your work at home, or your kid, or some other reason. No problem. Hit us with your budget, say you don't want to know about techo stuff, and let us put something together that suits you.

Budgetary Hints.
PC for looking at TradeMe and Share Prices:..............$500 odd plus more for big monitor.
PC for watching Youtube Videos and Playing iTunes:..$800 odd.
PC for editing Video, Photos and Music.....................$1500 odd.
PC for Playing Computer Games online or offline:.......$2500 to $10,000, depending on how fanatical you are.

 Specials on iPhone and Galaxy Accessories in NZ